New Product Showcase

Honeywell is bringing you the latest smart solutions for intelligent buildings.

LCBS Connect
Cloud-Based Light Commercial Control
  • Monitor and troubleshoot light commercial buildings from anywhere at anytime
  • Operate more efficiently by remotely diagnosing problems and providing preventive maintenance
  • Handle issues before your customers are even aware of them
  • Grow customer satisfaction and retain service contracts
  • When you do need to get in the truck, you’ll make one trip instead of several
  • The efficiencies let you service more buildings without adding staff
  • The ideal solution for all your light commercial customers
Advanced RTU Retrofit Solution
The Savings Are Through The Roof
  • Cut energy costs and increase equipment life by integrating Honeywell’s Advanced RTU Retrofit Solution
  • Optimizes energy usage
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces equipment wear and tear
  • Cuts energy costs for a fast payback
  • Compliance with Title 24 and IECC2015 and other utility incentive programs
Din-Mon Submeters
Space-Saving Power & Quality
  • Simple programming done at the face of the meter
  • LED display shows amps and voltages per phase
  • Measures both 50 and 60 Hertz
  • Din-rail mounted
  • LonWorks and BACnet compatible
  • Takes up minimal space
  • Identifies energy waste
  • Tracks proper operation of equipment
  • Helps buildings allocate energy usage to specific tenants
Loaded with smart features to reduce energy use
  • Maximize energy savings by modulating the speed of fans and pumps
  • Quick installation due to increased mounting flexibility
  • Easy-to-use interface with intuitive navigation and simple commissioning
  • Motor pre-heat function to ensure performance in cold climates
  • Automatic restart feature that restarts unit if it goes into fault condition
  • Sizes available up to 25hp, to help you meet a wide range of applications
  • Same size as SmartVFD Compact for models up to 7.5hp
  • Available with and without a Class 2 EMC Filter for applications with electrical interference
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Advanced RTU retrofit solution integration
BACnet® Fixed Function Thermostat
Flexibility to Maximize Comfort and Savings.
  • Internal temperature and humidity sensors, 3 universal inputs, 6 binary outputs, 2 analog outputs, 19 factory-loaded applications
  • Optional embedded wireless receiver and wireless sensors for occupancy control enabling flexibility in the location of sensors for a less invasive presence
  • Fully configurable, stand-alone or integrated operation and a sleek, sophisticated design with a configurable, touchscreen display
  • Easily configured through a step-by-step Niagara based configuration wizard—modes of operation allow control based on occupancy or schedules
  • Remote and local troubleshooting through a web access for more efficient service diagnosis
  • BACnet-compliant on MS/TP and meets increasingly stringent energy-saving building codes
Stryker BACnet® VAV Controller
Complete With WEBs-N4 Configuration
  • Built-in configurations for quick installation
  • Supports both LonWorks and BACnet protocols
  • Configurable for stand-alone, WEBs-AX or WEBs-N4 system applications
  • Can be configured for Zio® and Zio Plus wall modules
  • Built on the Spyder hardware
  • Custom terminal labels and wiring diagrams are created right on the device
  • Ability to create sensor tables so you can reuse existing sensors during retrofit jobs
  • Build accessory loops by adapting unused inputs and outputs to handle other jobs, like running fans
WEB-8000 Controller
Powered by WEBs-N4
  • Can be used as an Access Point or Client thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Easily access the licenses and stations needed to replace bad hardware controllers on your microSD card
  • Flexible capacitive licensing allows for competitive pricing
  • 1GHz processor with 1 GB RAM and 4 GB Flash storage means faster processing and more space
  • USB Flash drive backs up and stores stations
  • Part numbers are now based on Devices & Points instead of resources
  • Includes standard drivers (BACnet, LON, Modbus, SNMP and KNX)